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The reception is usually the part of the wedding your guests remember the most, think about the weddings you have been to in the past, which part do you remember most?

Unfortunately sometimes it may not be for the right reasons and here's why:

Brides have planned their weddings in their heads for years and know exactly what they want. They have a vision of everything being in a particular style whether it’s traditional, contemporary or something completely different to anything else they've seen before.

They usually know what style of dress, what color scheme, what the room, flowers etc will look like and most of the time they achieve this and they have the perfect looking wedding venue. However once they have spent most of their money on creating this look, some then decide the rest just isn't as important.

In reality it's your wedding entertainment that set the mood, atmosphere and create the memories that you and your guests will remember for years to come. If there's one wedding vendor you should really take your time over booking it's your entertainment. From the moment you enquire to the final dance, Digital Illusion Rentals is on hand, any help and advice required is just a phone call or email away.

Why Book Digital Illusion Rentals?

  • Pre Wedding Meeting
  • Over 1 million LEGAL songs
  • Build the playlist around your musical taste not ours
  • Equipment can be illuminated to match your colour scheme.
  • Actively encourage requests.
  • Smartly Dressed.
  • Top of the line DJ equipment.
  • Professional Service.

Equipment Used

2000 Watt Speaker System (at minimum)

All Digital Music

Sound craft Mixer / Controller

Lighting Effects - 6 Lights Included

LED Pars (upon request)

Wireless Microphones (upon request)

Extras (In addition to the 6 already included)


Extra Lights - $100

12 Extra Lights - $175

Uplighting (8 extra lights) - $150

40, 47 or 70 inch TV - $25, $50, $100

Inflatable movie screen - $75, $125

Digital Projector - $75

Generators - $100

25 and 50 picture photo montage - $10, $20

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